7-channels video installation"


I can't wait until tmr, cause I get better-looking every day.

Looking forward to the uncertainty.

Things move constantly.

Water still falling down,

Screen is a pixel matrix,

And, I am still wondering where it goes?

In Wu I-Yeh’s Never, Never, Land, he composed several short verses that are derived from the time and space existed during the internal and external interaction of images he created for this work. Stillness lies in flow and the flow overlaps with stillness; these images are listed in sequences to endow a meaning. Yet the constantly changing sequence is disrupting the narrative itself. The images created by Wu are not rooted in nature or realism but are instead originated from the accumulation of data. The interaction between messages does not stem from natural exchanges in various groups but from the overlapping of routes in coding. While we are reestablishing how they perceive the outside world, we also constitute the possibility of a new understanding of images and verify the phenomenon, experience, senses and meaning brought upon by it. Perhaps those images can only be integrated from the Internet and be given a meaning when they can converge and exist in the same cluster in a specific time and space.

Curator: Hanfang Wang



real-time video installations

dimensions variable


In order to make different perceptions of sea viewing, I use three ways to manipulate both actual and virtual light.

First, I used actual sunlight, the light of Nature, to replace the backlight of lcd. Therefore, as the natural lighting change with day and night, the still image of sea on the lcd will also change. Second, I used the lighting function in Web Graphics Library to draw a virtual sun, and set its time of movement and orbit, just like how we see the sun moves around the Earth. Thus, as the curved path of sun varies, the ocean surface, which is also drawn with WebGL, will change on the screen along with the light as well. Third, I used a module of LED matrix to create artificial light, and let this source reflect onto a fake Ipad Pro screen made of metal. Where the LED module produces dynamic light sources, the light reflected onto the metallic surface will also move, just like the motions of the waves. As time passing, the three real-time images will also undergo slow but continuous changes. The sensory experience the viewers have at different time point will also be slightly different, just like when we look at nature at different times.


Single-channel video installation / 4'40"



5-channels video installation

dimensions variable



4-channels video installation

dimensions variable



video installation

dimensions variable




dimensions variable


Collecting varied forms of violence, even counteraction by means of films, internet video, books and newspaper. There are three segments, each segment is a juxtaposition of two episodes. One is a historical event in Taiwan, the other is a novel or film which somehow corresponds to it

透過網路影片、電影片段、書籍與報紙,採集不同樣貌的暴力形態甚至對抗方式。 總共有三個切片,皆以一則曾經發生在台灣的歷史事件,與一則相呼應的小說或電影並置。

Installation cooperator : Frank Huang / 裝置合作:黃偉倫

Segment A - King of quarrel / 吵架王

Segment B – Lier / 騙人布

百年孤寂 One Hundred Years of Solitude

Read episode / 閱讀節錄

百年追求:台灣民主運動的故事,卷ㄧ. 自治的夢想


Segment C – Dreamer / 夢想家

空屋情人 3-Iron

臺灣民報 第六十一號



12-channels video installation

random / endless


Originally, there is a Multi-Screens Display in National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, which consists of 12 screens. I wrote an algorithm to produce images of a screen that appeared to be falling randomly. Most of the time, the blue display looks like doesn’t have any image input. When the screen suddenly begins to fall, you can hear a cartoon style sound effect of falling. You can imagine the screen in continued free fall accompanied by the sound effect, when the footage of the falling screen exceeds the display. The sound completes that mental picture, until finally the screen is heard to make impact with the ground and then shatter. After a moment the fallen screen quietly resurfaces, whole and in its original position, and the process repeats.



single-channel video / 3’35″


In the future, the technique of message delivery is expected to become advanced. Distance is assumed to be eliminated, and images to be re-constructed. However, the essence of communication seems to contain more.



website / documents


Dollar-post is a customized e-mail system. The speed of mailing is decided by the distance between senders and receivers, as well as different types of stamp including pigeon, mule, ship and aeroplane. According to the stamp you choose, your mail will be posted in a simulated speed of the 4 medium.

Dollar-post 是一個特製的電子郵件系統,它的郵件傳送速度取決於寄件者選擇的郵票與和收件者之間的距離。四種郵票分別為 – 鴿子、驢子、船以及飛機,你的郵件將會模擬所選媒介的速度去寄送。


video installation

dimensions variable


There is a game called Chinese whispers that we, human beings, play; the first player whispers a phrase or sentence to the next player. Each player successively whispers what that player believes he or she heard to the next. The last player announces the statement to the entire group. Errors typically accumulate in the retellings, so the final statement differs significantly from the first. I-Yeh, Wu was curious to see if that would happen with machines. Will it always accurately repeat the same signal?



real-time video

dimensions variable


The live video images initially cannot easily be interpreted by the viewer, but as time passes, the image becomes recognizable. At that moment, the moment the image makes sense for the viewer, what exactly the viewer get?